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the-easy-way-to-healthy-beautiful-skin-naturallyIf you’re anything like us… You want to find relief for your skin concerns that haven’t been amenable to any of the treatments you have already tried and tested.

Or you want an easy way to help your skin look beautiful and healthy by stimulating the skin’s inherent regenerative powers.

We want to share with you our discovery of a naturally occurring serum that may help nourish your skin so that it is better equipped to cope with the continuous influences from the environment: cold, heat, solar radiation, free radical oxidizing agents, chemical contaminants, pathogens, accidents that injure… those influences that affect its role as a barrier tissue and your healthy appearance.

Under the stress conditions that are induced by external agents the skin losses some of its capacity to respond, and make structural, regulatory and defensive compounds (such as collagen, growth factors, pigments and/or antioxidants or antimicrobial peptides) in lesser quantities that those necessary to fulfill its role.

In such circumstances, a good strategy would be to provide the skin with a balanced mixture of exogenous factors to substitute the missing endogenous factors, and thus help the living cell mechanisms to work at full potential.

This is the rationale for using the natural serum produced by the innate immune cells of the mollusk Helix Aspersa. This little gastropod has a skin that is similar to human skin and it secretes a complex serum that contain some of the elements that have been identified as restorative of the biochemical, structural and functional processes in human skin damaged by the conditions already mentioned and other such as radiodermatitis and photo aging.

The phylum Mollusca dates back to the Precambrian, when life was only possible in the sea. Later, in the Cambrian period (some 600 million years ago), the first bivalve gastropods appeared. The ancestors of H. aspersa were rather like mussels.

Following the Ordovician period and the mass extinction of species, some gastropods that had colonized the land underwent the ‘spiraling’ of their shells as an adaptation to their new environment. This is the main characteristic of the family Helicidae. At the same time, these animals developed defense systems to deal with environmental insults (cold, heat, dryness, damp, radiation, chemical agents etc.) far more severe than those they had experienced in the aqueous environment.

Over the evolution of Helix Aspersa, the environment was often more extreme than at present, and the genus seems to have conserved the abilities it developed to respond to environmentally-induced stress. When H. aspersa suffers an external insult, for example a burn, the effects of ionizing radiation, or even certain types of mechanical aggression, it responds by producing a complex glycoprotein secretion.

This contains a mixture of natural substances produced by three sets of glands: the mucosal glands of the epidermis, the salivary glands, and the proteic glands.

This serum is known to regenerate the damaged structures of the animal’s skin in less than 48 hours. It is also believed to protect the animal from bacterial infections and tumors, since these have never been observed in these snails.

The naturally occurring serum is the most complex immune serum for skin care created by savvy nature, and the easy way to beautiful, healthy looking skin, no matter what your skin concerns may be, or age, color or condition of your skin.

The immune serum is created within the immune cells of the aforementioned mollusk. This land snail of the species Helix Aspersa Müller does something similar to what another mollusk does. When damaged it starts coating its skin with an immune serum in a way similar to how an oyster coats an irritant, and in both cases the outcome is BEAUTY: a beautiful Pearl or BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SKIN.

The naturally occurring serum has amazing rejuvenating properties that will protect, repair, deeply moisturize and enhance the natural cycle of skin regeneration of damaged or worn out skin cells and tissues.

In addition to this serum, natural extracts and oils are added to the products to battle symptoms and specific skin condition for a more powerful effect. For example, we have added rose hip oil, which has proven to work very well for dry skin. Since all the additional ingredients that we add to our products are natural, we are able to say that our skin care products are 100% natural and organic.

So throw out those chemical-stuffed products that you have in your bathroom cabinet and replace them with natural skin creams. It is never too late to start a good skin care program and what can be better than mother nature’s own savvy ingredients. BIOCUTIS will give you the opportunity to discover just how smooth and beautiful your skin can be.

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