Decrease Dry Skin Associated with Retinoid Use with All Natural Skin Care Products

dry skin from retinoid useSevere and persistent acne breakouts can cause decreased self-esteem and even depression. Since acne is so damaging mentally, people often turn to some type of retinoid to clear the signs of acne. As with most synthetic solutions, one must contend with the side effects that come along with them – chemicals are not always the most effective way to fight acne breakouts.

The Dry Skin Side Effect of Retinoids

Retiniods are derived from vitamin A and come in two different forms; topical retinoids and oral retinoids that come in pill form. Because their main goal is to limit the amount of sebum produced by the oil glands, the #1 complaint of retinoid use is excessive dry skin. Most well-known externally applied retinoids are Retin-A, Differin and Tazorac, while the orally taken retinoids list is headed by the arguably popular Accutane.

The purpose of sebum is to make the skin waterproof and protect it from drying out. Fundamentally by cutting off oil production, the important nourishing aspects of sebum will also be lost. This is more severe than normal dry skin experienced during the winter months. We’re talking dry skin that is not only uncomfortable but can be unsightly with constant scaling, pealing and flaking.

Even though the amount of oil production is reduced, it doesn’t necessarily stop bacterial growth. When skin is dry, it’s fragile and weak allowing pathogens to find their way into affected areas and make the condition worse.

Best Natural Skin Creams

Natural skin care treatments have been making a lot of news lately. There are new acne treatments that use all natural ingredients that target existing acne scars while also helping to clear pores in order to prevent future problems. Products that use the serum from the Helix Aspera Muller snail have the biological components to gently clean out clogged pores, prevent bacterial growth and inflammation, heal damaged cells and follicles, hydrate the lipid barrier and stimulate the natural remodeling processes of your own skin.

Still think using retinoid products is the only solution to eliminate your acne problems? Then you’ll need a good moisturizer to supplement your treatment.

Natural moisturizers that include this unique snail serum penetrate deep within the skin with the help of powerful enzymes that trigger the development of water holding molecules like glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. These important elements work with the lipid barrier of your skin and maintain moisture, helping to avoid scaling and peeling. These types of moisturizers can be used in conjunction with Accutane or other retinoid drugs and are endorsed by doctors to help alleviate the painful, dry skin side effects.

Natural skin care products can clear acne skin and decrease dry skin that is associated with retinoid products. Best of all, there are no painful side effects associated with its application.