How Natural Skin Care Products Can Tackle Winter Skin Dryness

Winter Dry Skin Products That Are Skin Rejuvenating

Surely, you have noticed that your skin is drier and more sensitive in the winter, but do you know why? The humidity in the air decreases in the winter, resulting in dry, itchy skin, which can be uncomfortable and irritating. And when the temperatures drop and we turn up our central heating, we only further dry our skin. The furnace decreases the moisture in the air by 20-30%. Between the natural changes in humidity outside and the changes caused by heating inside, it is no wonder we suffer from dry skin in the winter months. Stick to the following top skin care tips for treating winter itch and not only will you save money but also the pain of dry skin.

Effective Skin Repair Tips

Winter Skin Tip 1. Start with suds. Be aware of the soap that you are using. A lot of brand-name soaps have lye, which is great for scrubbing your skin clean, but not so good for replacing the moisture that you skin has lost. Consider changing your soap during the winter months to a brand that contains more fatty substances, such as cold cream, coconut butter, or coconut oil. You won’t miss the lye; your skin will be just as clean and much less dry.

Winter Skin Tip 2. Hearten humidity. A good humidifier will help cancel out the dry air produced by furnaces during the winter. Furnaces act as air dryers and leave your skin red, irritated, and flaky. Put your humidifier in a key place of your house so that you really feel the effects. Even small efforts like leaving the bathroom door open while you shower can make big differences.

Winter Skin Tip 3. Bye-bye baths. We can’t deny the relaxing benefits of a hot bath, but your skin certainly doesn’t benefit. If you can’t imagine forgoing your bubble baths, turn down the temp a little and try adding ground oatmeal to the water. Oatmeal alleviates dry skin by exfoliating all those dead, dry flakes and helping moisture bind to your skin.

Top tips to prevent dry, sensitive skin

Winter Skin Tip 4. Seize sunscreen. You know by now that you should be using sunscreen on a daily basis. Sunscreen is a fundamental part of your skin’s health because of its UV protection. Clouds do not block UV rays, which result in the same sun damage in the winter as they do in the summer. Sunscreen provides moisture and protection from the sun’s drying effects.

Winter Skin Tip 5. Put down your towel. It is much easier for skin to absorb moisture if it is a little damp, rather than totally dry. After a shower or bath, use a towel to gently pat your skin and put on a bio antioxidant moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

Winter Skin Tip 6. Heal your lips. Our lips are especially exposed to chapping. Avoid licking your lips. Use a natural lip balm that does not contain alcohol, which will only further dry your lips.

Effective Skin Care Cream Based Upon Snail Serum

The most important thing to remember is to keep your skin hydrated with a biological skin moisturizer. BIOBALM is a very effective bio antioxidant face care cream that you can use after a harsh winter day. Use this skin moisturizer twice a day and it will leave your skin healthy and glowing.