Tattooing Over Stretch Marks?

Some people go and do tattooing over stretch marks. Is this wise? Is it safe? Will it disappear the unsightly stretch marks?

Stretch marks are generally described as a form of scarring that appears below the dermis and manifests itself with an off-color hue. This skin care concern will first appear as a reddish or purple line that gradually fades to a light silver color that is difficult to erase. There are, however, many stretch mark treatments available to fade stretch marks such as; topical creams, laser surgery, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Plastic surgery, and Blue light therapy. All of these options have the ability to dissolve stretch marks, but to eliminate these skin disorders, completely, is a long and difficult task to achieve. Another, although not a common practice, is to cover stretch marks with tattoos – this option must be considered but is not for everyone.

Grab a Chair – This Tattoo Might take a while

Is Tattooing your Stretch Marks safe?

Tattooing over stretch marks and other scars can take 2 or 3 times longer than an average tattoo. This will depend on the individual’s skin and can vary depending on the extent of the stretch marks.

Tattoo Pain

Scar tissue can be more sensitive than undamaged skin because the nerve endings are closer to the repaired skin, therefore the procedure is often more painful.


Size of your tattoo: it is recommended to test the stretch mark area with a small tattoo to see how your skin reacts. If the skin takes well to the tattoo, it can be incorporated into a larger design or be covered over. Finding an experienced tattoo artist will also make a difference in the finished design.

Old Stretch Marks

Stretch marks should be at least a year old before being tattooed over. This is because older scars are better at retaining the pigment from the ink.

Not the Safest Idea

Raised stretch marks- if your scars are raised, a tattoo will not cover this up. You will notice an indistinct raised area where the scar is and at times can be noticeable.

Tattoo Risks

There is a higher possibility of colored tattoos fading, (this does not happen when black ink is used). The problem that can arise with black tattoos is that the ink can run beneath the tissue and therefore stain the skin next to the tattoo. This can be avoided by using fine lines.

Before going ahead with your decision, you should be 100% sure that a tattoo is for you and that the tattoo artist is not only professional but also experienced with these types of tattoos. He should be able to better advise you on your options depending on your situation.

Judy Aulin – A 6 year health care advisor after experiencing acne and stretch marks during her teenage and young adult years. Now Judy dedicates her time to writing creative skin care articles to help and entertain the skin condition sufferers mind. Click here to keep reading more Judy Aulin skin care articles