Keep your Dry Skin Under Control

Does dry, autumn weather mean dry, autumn skin? Definitely!if you choose to do nothing about it. Check out the following tips to help you treat dry skin during the cool, autumn months.

Cold weather will generally shrink the blood vessels in your skin. As way of preserving heat and moisture, the skin begins to tighten and pull together. This actions leads to scaly skin and fine lines and wrinkles, which means controlling dry skin is also a great aging skin care practice.

This makes skin care essential during the colder months of the year. The following list of tips can help keep your skin smooth and supple. Don’t forget that all of these tips can also help your skin during the warmer months of the year.

There is a thing as too much washing. Water, especially hot water, will strip your skin of essential oils and leave it drier than before washing. Hot, soapy water the worst mix for any type of skin.

Also, frequent showering (more than 10 minutes in a 24 hour period) can make the skin drier. Hot showers are even worse than showering frequently. Try to take shorter showers and use warm water to keep your skin from drying out.

After showering or washing your face use a moisturizer before your skin dries completely. This skin treatment practice is wonderful for dry skin. If you use a moisturizing skin cream or facial skin cream it will seal moisture in the outer layer of your skin making it smoother and less likely to dry out. it is also a good habit to reapply your moisturizer frequently or as often as needed. Be sure to apply it with a gentle hand. Keep in mind that dry skin is brittle and can easily be broken if you rub too hard.

Your choice of moisturizing facial cream is also an important part of skin care, especially sensitive and aging skin care. Steer clear of over the counter lotions that contain alcohol and mineral oils. Alcohol is known for irritating the skin and mineral oils have a tendency to clog pores which can lead to other problems like acne.

As an alternative, choose natural oils, like olive oil or almond oli, or skincare products that contain natural ingredients. Both types of products will supply your skin with essential oils instead of stripping them away and be gentle with your skin.

Our moisturizing cream is great for treating dry skin throughout the year and especially during the colder months. The natural composition of our moisturizer makes it perfect for dry and aging skin. Since it treats dry skin it is also a great wrinkles treatment.

Aging skin care is a great concern for people of all ages. Without taking the right steps or using the right products, you can accelerate the aging process which leads to blotchy skin and facial wrinkles. Our moisturizing cream, Bioskincare, can help you treat the consequences of dry skin, aging skin and scarring.