The Benefits of Rose Hip Oil for Dry Skin and Eczema

Both dry skin and eczema are very irritating skin conditions. Thankfully enough, they are both treatable, however, neither one has a known cure. Essencially, if you want to treat these conditions effectively you need to be consistent with your treatment.

Dry skin can be treated with a good moisturizer and the proper skin care routine. Eczema, however, is a bit more complicated. In order to treat it properly you may need to use corticosteroids and immunodepressors. Despite the obvious differences, both of these skin problems can be treated with a natural product: rose hip oil.

This oil has been used for centuries to treat such skin conditions as rashes and premature aging. You can also use it to treat brittle skin and nails.

Dry Skin Care and Rose Hip Oil

Any dry skin care routine could greatly benefit with the incorporation of rose hip oil. The reason lies in the fact that this oil contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. In human skin, the ideal PH is between a 4.5 and 6.5. Rose hip oil has a pH of 5.1 which means it is perfect for treating our own skin.

The Vitamin A present in rose hip oil is vital for healthy skin. It delays the effects of photoaging and helps promote both cell regeneration and collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C is another great help in skin care. It is considered a great antioxidant that can contribute greatly to the reparation of damaged skin cells.

Essential fatty acids are vital to the production of prostaglandins. These components are hormone-like substances that help regulate a series of different problems, such as inflammation, pain, and swelling. At times it has been noted that a lack of these fatty acids in your diet can actually trigger eczema.

Rose Hip Oil and Eczema Skin care

Rose hip oil is so gentle that it can successfully be used with your regular eczema treatment. If you decide to do so, the oil can be applied periodically to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis in children, atopic eczema, venous eczema, discoid eczema and irritant, contact dermatitis. Any or all of these skin problems can lead to flaking and mild swelling.

Rose hip oil works by reducing the swelling and eliminating the patches of flaky skin. Moreover, it helps alleviate the itching sensation that is common in eczema skin.

How to Apply Rose Hip Oil

It is very easy to apply rose hip oil. You simply squeeze a few drops from the bottle and apply it gently over the affected areas. Its low viscosity allows it to absorb very quickly into the skin and provide almost immediate relief.

There is, however, one warning. Do not apply this oil during daytime, apply it only at night. The Vitamin A contained in this product might make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Some users have claimed that UV exposure lead to blotches all over their skin. If this occurs simply suspend use and it will go away.

BIOROSEHIPOIL is an amazing organic rose hip oil that can provide you with amazing dry skin and eczema relief. Apply it generously over dry skin and eczema patches and experience almost instant relief, however, be careful not to expose your skin to UV radiation. Other rose hip oil benefits that you will experience while using this product is an increase in collagen and elastin production and cell regeneration.